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afrodjango initiative

Afrodjango is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting Python programming language in East Africa. Our vision is to build a generation of Python developers who are capable of creating an impact. Afrodjango is the official representative of Python Software Foundation in East Africa. We organize Python training events, conferences, support Python user groups and organizations. We encourage University and secondary school students to learn Python programming by providing trainers and developing Python education curriculum and training programs that suites their learning capacity.

we are the ambassadors of Python software foundtion

We are the official representatives of Python Software Foundation in East Africa and our major role is to ensure that Python user community evolves from one generation to another. We encourage Python community members and organizations to let us know about their meet-ups and training events. We also provide trainers and Python event organizers to community members and organizations as well as helping them to develop standard teaching and training curriculum.

Our python training centers

Afrodjango maintains 4 Python training and development centers at 3 partner universities namely: Makerere University PyLab, Kampala International University PyLab and Kyambogo University PyLab. PyLabs are equipped with Computers, Books, Raspberry Pies, Assorted sensors, Arduinos, Motive detectors among other equipment as well as internet connectivity. PyLabs are mostly visited by students working on their final year Python projects. However, everyone is welcome to learn, test and show case Python projects and tutors are always available to assist them.

Our area of focus

Python programming language
Become a programmer, learn a general purpose high level programming language which has a simple syntax and easy to write. Making it perfect for starters and awesome for professionals. Try Python programming language now.
Django framework
Stop the hassle of building websites and application, learn Django today. It is a free and open-source web framework, written in Python, which follows the model-view-template architectural pattern. It is maintained by the Django Software Foundation
Internet of Things
Python makes it easier to understand, analyze and manipulate data for business purposes. Start now and get the skills which will help you solve data-rich problems.
Python in data science
We focus on solving real time computing constraints, Python is rich with various modules which help you run and control hardware components virtually via the internet and in real time formation using sensors, cameras, raspberry pi, aduinos among others.

Training modules

Introductory python training
Intermediary python training
Profession python training training
Capacity building python training

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