Building partnerships with key players

Afrodjango partnering with KCCA employment services bureau to train unemployed youth 12-Nov-2018

Afrodjango initiative is partnering with KCCA employment services bureauto train and mentor unemployed youth in Kampala city in the field of ICT and computer programming technologies using python programming language and related technologies. The initiative will deliver 4 modules namely: basic python programming, intermediary and professional where the excelling trainees will earn professional certificates in software development from credible certifying international organisations.

Afrodjango enters partnership with University of Kigali 12-Nov-2018

Afrodjango initiative enters partnership with the University of Kigali in Rwanda to promote python. The agreement was entered into in the spirit of cooperation and collaboration between Afrodjango and University of Kigali with the general purpose to promote python programming language at the Faculty of Information Technology and Architecture. UoK has been selected to become the Centre for Python programming in Rwanda and According to the Memorandum of Understanding, University of Kigali will among others; identify students to be trained by Afrodjango Initiative, provide space, necessary tools and equipment and support ideas, startups that solve community problems using Python programming language and related technologies while Afrodjango initiative will train, mentor and incubate ideas from students that are aligned with Python software development and introduce University of Kigali to institutions, organizations and companies that promote python programs and related technologies. The occasion was also used to hand over 56 Certificates to the students from University of Kigali who completed Python Programming training early this year.

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